Judicial Candidacy and the Judas Goat

If it smells like kak, look about for a leaking sewer. While DCJ Zondo is trying to crack the vault of state capture, there seems to be another capture right within the judiciary? Would we need another DCJ to investigate?


A lying fake professor from a fake organization with fake members attempts to sway the undecided on vaccines through falsehood and share in the vaccine loot.

DORP: The bubble on the hill

The hotel industry is among the hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic and some insiders say it could take up to three years to recover.

Broken New Year’s Resolution

Happy New 2021. Having resolved earlier this morning neither write nor speak anything about Donald Trump this year, I must apologize for failing so soon. I just couldn’t help it.

It's Joe

For five years, President Donald Nobody-ever-done-this-before Trump has succeeded in hypnotizing some American voters. Would the hypnosis effect end any time soon? With his present claims of electoral mass fraud without evidence.…

Oriental Squid Rush

Next time you visit that seafood restaurant, before digging into that squid dish, take a moment and ask whether any North Korean fisherman could have died in the process of dragging the squids from the oceans. While at it think…

Is President Donald J Trump a Racist?

An easy task, crowning Coronavirus President of the year. it has been a slam dunk. Our countries that he once called shithole, have somehow managed to maintain relatively lower numbers of Cory deaths than Trump's America. And…

The Flat Earth Science

The inventor of '#FakeCancerCures' tells a Brisbane Court; “Photosoft and NGPDT are experimental treatments. I am aware that they have been presented to both prospective customers (patients) and investors as such.” But available…

The unAwarded Nobel Prize

• The lead author of pseudo-scientific-claims-without-evidence has instituted a defamation lawsuit against our Editor, Mark Thomas • The suit doesn't worry us because all the statements on this website are based on facts. •…


In South Africa, rarely do entities come out of curatorship smelling of roses, the appointed curators/liquidators (mostly men in suits and matching ties; like the disgraced Dines Gihwala) often come with trepidation among stakeholders.…

The Battle for Rich Views

PULLING THE STRINGS: Do good outcomes justify improper means? Desperate to stop a development they deem out of place, some entities are accepting what appears to be free lunch. But how free could this lunch be!